18th Century Music

On this page you will find pictures and information about the various examples of 18th century sheet music in the collection. Click on each picture to see a gallery of the full set of pages for that particular piece

  • Peggy Bawn Published in Dublin C. 1780
  • Life’s like a ship or The Sailors Allegory by George Saville Carey C. 1784
  • Savourna Delish atributed to Samuel Arnold published Dublin C. 1790
  • Life Let us Cherish A favourite ballad composed by Mozart Printed in Dublin, c.1790
  • The Wedding day. Printed in Dublin c.1795
  • Durandarte & Belerma, Printed in London c. 1795
  • Logi of Buchan C.1795
  • The Sicilian Mariners Hymn, Published in Dublin by F.Rhames. No 16 Exchange street c.1795
  • Coolun, Printed in London c. 1795
  • Sally in our Alley Atributed to Henry Carey Printed in Dublin by Morris Hime C. 1795
  • Crazy JaneCrazy Jane Printed in Dublin C. 1795
  • The Wounded Hussar printed in Dublin C.1798
  • I have a silent Sorrow Words by RB Sheridan music by Georgiana Spencer Cavendish Duchess of Devonshire. Printed in Dublin C.1798
  • The Confession, A favourite canzonet by A Lady Printed in Dublin c.1799
  • Garnyvillo published in Dublin by Morris Hime C. 1799